Liquid Silicone Rubber Ink

This liquid silicone rubber ink is used to print onto a variety of surfaces, including other silicone rubbers.  It can be dried by hot air or can be room temperature cured.  The viscosity of the silicone rubber ink can be altered with odorless mineral spirits such as xylene to allow it to be brushed easier or sprayed.

The liquid ink can be applied to materials by a rubber stamp, brushed on using a stencil, or used in automatic ink spray systems.
Product Characteristics Standard Packaging
US-INK1   1 Part liquid silicone RTV ink LB1, LB4, GC5
US-INK2   1 Part liquid silicone heat cured ink LB1, LB4, GC5
Standard Packaging: C = Cartridge (oz), P = Pail (pounds), D = Drum (pounds), GC = Gallon Can (pounds),
                                       K = Kit (pounds), S = Syringe (ml), LB = Litre Wide Mouth Bottle (litres)