High Temperature Heat Resistant Silicone Rubber Tube & Tubing, Caps and Plugs

Silicone rubber high temperature tubing, caps and plugs are available in a variety of stock sizes, and can be custom produced to any size.
This high-temperature tubing, caps and plugs are specifically designed for protecting small diameter wires, cable and hydraulic ends from harsh environments that may include solder drips and metal splash, hot gases, high temperature, welding or grinding splatter and sparks.

The high temperature caps and plugs can also be used to protect external and internal threads during high temperature operations. This silicone tubing is not designed for pharmaceutical or food handling.

High temperature tubing is also used for masking in paint operations.
High temperature silicone rubber tubing withstands weld splatter & molten splash.  Withstands 500°F / 260°C continuous exposure, 2200°F / 1205°C for periods up to 15 minutes and short excursions to 3000°F / 1650°C.