Liquid Silicone Rubber End-Dip Seal

This liquid silicone rubber is used as an end-dip or seal for a variety of items: such as sealing the ends of our silicone rubber high-temperature sleeve.  It can also be used to prevent fray on rope ends, and as an anti-slip coatings on tool handles.

Cures at room temperature in under 30 minutes and is odor free.
Product Characteristics Standard Packaging
US-LD1   1 Part liquid silicone RTV LB1, LB4
Standard Packaging: C = Cartridge (oz), P = Pail (pounds), D = Drum (pounds), GC = Gallon Can (pounds),
                                       K = Kit (pounds), S = Syringe (ml), LB = Litre Wide Mouth Bottle (litres)