Silicone Paint

This liquid silicone can be used as a paint; brushed or sprayed onto a wide range of surfaces to provide a high-temperature coating for environmental, moisture, UV and contamination protection.

The viscosity of this liquid silicone rubber paint can be altered by adding odorless mineral spirits, such as xylene.  Caution should be exercised after thinning as the product is flammable until the xylene thinner has evaporated.

The smallest quantity is one litre, packaged as 2 one-half litre containers.  Each container has a sheet of plastic cling film covering the liquid silicone rubber, helping to prevent the formation of a curing skin.  The product should be well shaken prior to opening before each use.  Always  add a new fresh cling film sheet over the surface when re-closing the container.

Can be used on tool handles to provide a rubber cushion and added dielectric insulation.

This liquid silicone cures to a rubber at room temperature in under 30 minutes and is odour free.
Product Characteristics Standard Packaging
US-LP1   1 Part liquid silicone RTV LB1, LB4, GC5
Standard Packaging: C = Cartridge (oz), P = Pail (pounds), D = Drum (pounds), GC = Gallon Can (pounds),
                                       K = Kit (pounds), S = Syringe (ml), LB = Litre Wide Mouth Bottle (litres)