General Information

Silicone fusion tape is a special formulation of high-technology polysiloxanes that meets A-A-59163 and Mil-I-46852 specifications.  This tape is non-flammable, self-extinguishing and binds only to itself without any adhesive.  Forms an excellent seal that is weather/water/air-tight when wrapped around electrical connections and connectors, cable and wiring splices, hydraulic hose protection sleeves, duct joints and other electro-mechanical devices.  Also used for medical purposes - such as wrapping field splints and wounds as the tape applies tension/pressure to wound dressings and pads without sticking to flesh and hair.

The special silicone formulation of this tape self-fuses (self-amalgamating) when stretched and over-wrapped.  Completely flexible at cold temperatures and can be used to +500ºF / +260ºC continuous exposure.  Does not support combustion and resists heat, flame, welding splatter, molten metals, solder drips, slag, sparks, Ozone, UV light and contamination.

Can be wrapped over oily or wet surfaces and is an excellent emergency repair tape for hoses and pipes.  Used extensively in aviation, marine and industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul operations.
The following colors are available in rectangular and triangular profiles, 36 foot length rolls: Oxide-Red, Black.
Which Tape Do I Want? Rectangular Profile (type I) or Triangular Profile (type II)?  Type I rectangular tape is the same thickness across the entire tape and is great for general purpose wrapping, especially tool handles, as the spiral wrapping allows for a better more secure grip due to the exposed ridges that the tape forms.  Type II triangular profile tape is thickest in the center and thinner toward the edges, and is best for electrical wiring & cable splicing and protection, as the exposed ridges are very small, making the tape wrap almost smooth.  This makes it very easy to pull the wire or cable through openings or tight areas without snagging or binding. Type II tape is also easier to wrap on curved objects and around elbows, adapters and "T"s.  Both tapes are fabricated from the same material and have the same characteristics.
Fusing / Bonding Time  Silicone tape when over-wrapped under tension adheres to itself and fuses, forming a solid protective shield in 24 hours at room temperature or in just 4 hours at  +356ºF / +180ºC.  The tape starts to self-fuse / self-bond as it is used, and can be re-seated if necessary only within a few seconds of over-wrapping.  After just a minute or two it is usually necessary to remove the tape with a knife or scissors.
Highly Resistant to Harsh Environments  Silicone tape resists fuels, oils, acids, solvents, UV, Ozone, high-heat, flame exposure, molten metal splashes, slag, solder drips & sparks.  The proprietary silicone formulation provides optimal thermal dispersion (high thermal conductivity).
Easy & Clean to Use  Silicone tape incorporates a blue marking stripe along its center, making it easy to over-wrap at 50% when taping long lengths.  The triangular profile of the tape (thickest in the centre and reducing thickness towards each edge) ensures a smooth finish to the installation with minimum ridging.  Easy to remove with a sharp blade while curing or when completely cured and does not leave a gummy or sticky residue the way pressure sensitive adhesive tapes such as standard vinyl electrical tapes or duct tapes do.
How to Use & Install Tape  Lift off the end of the tape from its backing film and then hold the free end onto what the tape is being installed on.  With your other hand which is holding the remainder of the tape roll, moderately pull or stretch the tape while over-lapping the wrap.  The stretching action activates the special formulation of silicone rubber with the result of the tape self-binding / self-fusing to itself.
Many Practical Uses  Silicone tape makes for easy hose and cable bundling, replacing tie-wraps.  Excellent for fixing leaks in piping and hoses.  Makes a good emergency fan belt.  Provides excellent weather protection for outdoor electrical and electronic connections. Great as a first-aid tape to hold splints & bandages in place.
Specs & Part Numbers

Silicone tape is similar to the following tapes and specifications:

·  Previously MIL-I-46852C Type II, aa59163
·  Military Specification MIL-I-22444C,                         ·  Underwriters Laboratories Inc UL-510               ·  Boeing DMS2186 Type II
·  Lockheed Martin MMS J517 & 5-00857                   ·  Safe Flight 59562-5                                             ·  Systems & Electronics Inc ES7889
·  McDonnell Douglas Helicopter HS5215                   ·  General Dynamics P5384 Type II,                        ·  General Electric A50A493 / A50E112 / P5384
·  Rohr RMS315                                                          ·  FAR 25.853                                                          ·  CSA 22.2
·  Premier Farnell Corp 810112                                   ·  83586                                                                  ·  CTB-15
·  608036-1                                                                 ·  P36728

Applicable NSN / NATO / OTAN Numbers: 5970-00-177-1627
Product Characteristics Minimum Order Requirement
36 Foot Rolls    
ABST-TR-36   Triangular                  Oxide-Red               36 foot roll Stock - minimum order 1 roll
ABST-TB-36   Triangular                     Black                    36 foot roll Stock - minimum order 1 roll
ABST-RR-36   Rectangular              Oxide-Red                36 foot roll Stock - minimum order 1 roll
ABST-RR-36   Rectangular                  Black                    36 foot roll Stock - minimum order 1 roll
Available cerrtified to meet
A-A-59163 & Mil-I-46852
Type I and Type II.