Uncured Silicone Rubber Packaging Options

We can package uncured silicone rubber in a variety of containers, including syringes, tubes, cartridges, cans, jars, pails and drums.  Quantities can be as small as 50ml in syringes and as high as 500 pounds in drums.

Dual part 1:1 mix silicones are provided in dual dispenser syringes, or in separate cans, jars, pails and drums.
Syringe Dispenders
10.3oz Cartridge
(fits standard caulking guns)
Small Jar Containers
.5 to 1.5 litre
5 to 25 litre
Pail Containers
(5 to 25#)
25 to 50 litre
Pail Containers
(30 to 80#)
55 gal Drums
(400 to 500#)