Silicone Rubber Adhesive & Sealant Softener Dissolver & Remover

Part number CSR-300 is specially designed for removing wet and cured silicone sealants, adhesives, oils, gels and grease from glass, metal, ceramic, plastics and painted surfaces. This remover will chemically digest cured and uncured silicone elastomers and polymers, making them easily water or hydrocarbon solvent (mineral spirit) rinsable.

This product is normally used in a chemical bath configuration, where parts or components and boards are soaked for a period of time.  Removal times vary with the thickness and type of silicone rubber.

Slight elevation in temperature may accelerate the action of the remover.

This is not a wipe on material: best effectiveness is approximately 10 oz of liquid per oz of cured silicone rubber.

Available in 1, 5, 10, 25 and 55 gallon containers.
Silicone rubber adhesive sealant remover dissolver softener